Tricia Dennis, Chattanooga injury lawyer

I believe we need to leave the world a little better off than when we found it. I knew as an attorney I would have one of the most direct and effective way to help people. For everyday folks, lawyers are the buffer between pain and justice and I think that is important work.

Tricia enjoys spending time with her husband and her daughter, who is in medical school. She enjoys reading, looking after her menagerie of pets and riding roller coasters.

Tricia is a major supporter of the Bedford County Library, and animal rescue organizations. She is an active defender of the rights of disabled children, having prosecuted some of Tennessee’s earliest right to education cases.

Tricia has excellent analytical skills and is able to readily make sense of a large volume of information. She is well schooled in medical literature involving trauma and often can help the treating doctor connect a seemingly unrelated medical problem to the trauma of an accident. Preparing a legal strategy generally requires an extensive amount of research. Tricia has excellent research skills to be able to find and comprehend pertinent information. She perseveres. Often, cases require many hours of work with heavy research and lots of writing. Tricia is willing to put in the time it takes to get the job done.

Favorite Quote: “Anyone who believes a better day dawns when lawyers are eliminated has the burden of explaining who will take their place. Who will protect the poor, the injured, the victims of negligence, the victims of racial discrimination, and the victims of racial violence?… Lawyers are the simple yet essential means by which people seek to vindicate their rights and we must not foreclose that means.” – JOHN CURTIN

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