A car accident can be one of the scariest incidents an individual or family can experience.

Whether you find yourself facing a property damage only (PDO) accident, or an accident which resulted in a personal injury or even a fatality, you are not alone.

The car accident attorneys at Dennis & King Law are here to help you through the ups and downs of an auto accident claim.

Compensation and Civil Suits

While the other driver may have caused the accident, you will most likely be dealing with their insurance provider to get damages owed.

Tennessee requires motorists to carry coverage of at least $25,000 for a death or injury per accident, and $50,000 for total injuries.

If you are uncertain of how to approach the conversation with the insurance companies, our legal experts can guide you through the process and stand up on your behalf.

Tennessee has a one-year statute of limitations on a personal injury case, meaning that 366 days after your accident is too late to file a suit.

Our team will not only represent and advocate for you when it comes to your claim, but we can help you decide if legal action will be necessary.

At Fault Laws in Tennessee

When it comes to car accident cases and claims in Tennessee, the state uses “at-fault” insurance. Different from states that use “no-fault” insurance, at-fault insurance means that whichever party caused the accident is responsible for paying damages.

This means, for example, if you are t-boned by someone who ran a red light, and they are found to be at-fault, you can recover compensation for damages and injuries suffered.

Car Accident Stats in Tennessee

From 2013-2017, there have been over 961,000 automobile accidents in the state of Tennessee. That means, on average, there are about 192,000 automobile accidents annually.

About 143,000 of these accidents were property damage only issues. Roughly 48,000 of these auto accidents resulted in injury, and just over 900 car wrecks per year resulted in a fatality.

These numbers are staggering and show that at any given time, you may find yourself in the midst of a car accident case. When diving deeper into the numbers, it is apparent there are numerous causes of these accidents.

While some are accidents, distracted driving and alcohol are still major reasons behind car accidents in Tennessee. In 2017 alone, there were roughly 6100 alcohol-related traffic accidents in the Volunteer State, while distracted driving accidents accounted for over 24,700 incidents on the road.

Looking at these figures, it is daunting to think just how easy it is to find yourself on one end or another of these situations. 

Trust the Experts

With nearly three decades of experience, the car accident lawyers at Dennis & King are ready and willing to help you, whatever the situation may be.  Give us a call to schedule your free consultation and have our legal team Tennessee has to offer on your side.